Software Engineer

Job Criteria
Highest Qualification: Bachelors Degree (No Honours)
Relevant Experience: 5 year(s)
Availability: 3 weeks
Nature of Position: Contract

1.           Install or remove hardware and/or software, using supplied installation instructions and tools. Conduct tests and corrects malfunctions with help if required. Document results according to procedures. Assist with change requests evaluation. Support installation of problems and faults investigation.

2.           Report the details of all hardware/software items that have been installed and removed for configuration management records update. Assist to develop installation procedures and standards

3.           Carry out agreed process, operational or maintenance procedures. Contribute to maintenance, installation and problem resolution.

4.           Identify operational problems and contribute to their resolution. 

5.           Monitor, gather and report service level information to ensure compliance with service level agreements.

6.           Support investigation and resolve network problems. Apply with specified maintenance procedures. Carry out agreed network maintenance tasks.

7.           Apply tools, techniques and processes for information (such as the tracking and logging of components and changes) of configuration items

8.           Use appropriate methods and tools in the development, maintenance, control and distribution of quality and environmental standards. Make technical changes to quality and environmental standards according to documented procedures. Distribute new and revised standards.

9.           Respond promptly to incident, investigate & provide temporary and/or permanent resolution of incidents escalated. Provide timely status updates to relevant parties.

10.         Ensure the management of infrastructure or IT systems adhere to established practices and methodologies eg., ISO20000, ISO14000 where applicable. 

11.         Provide on-job-training and guidance for associate engineer and technical specialist.

12.         Enforce and review security access authorization.


1) With Degree in Information Technology or relevant

2) 1 year contract

3) QT C++ and Web Programming  knowledge is a must

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Software Engineer