Medical Assistant

Job Criteria
Highest Qualification: No Education/Qualifications Required
Relevant Experience: 1 year(s)
Availability: 1 month
Nature of Position: Permanent

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To prepare customer for procedure like cleanse face , apply numb cream , ensure signing of  relevant consent form and give medications (if required)
  2. Provide assistance to doctor  during procedures
  3. Perform Cryo treatment (face and neck; eyes)
  4. Photo taking  using Visia & Omnia ; ensure proper filling and documentation
  5. Explaining all relevant  procedure details including its downtime post care
  6. Follow-up on customers after first procedure  ; ensure next appointment for review after each  procedure
  7. Explain the products
  8. Stocky Inventory and order
  9. Help MAC in case of manpower shortage, including assisting Doctors in consultation
  10. Fill all usable items in procedure room , change sheet in procedure room , maintain the machines
  11. Sterilizing procedure equipments
  12. 12. Provide front desk duties, including checking in procedure, answering phone calls, appointment bookings, etc
  13. Generate procedure report per Doctors’ request

> With Experience as a Medical Clinic Assistant assisting Doctors

> Good communication skills

> Good customer service

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Medical Assistant